15 Minutes – In the Kitchen

Oh, just so you know, this is a REALLY inefficient way to clean.  I could have made huge dents in my kitchen, dining room, and family room if I had not been staying in the room I was working on.  For these purposes I am staying in one room for 15 minutes.  In reality it is much more sensible to start in one room and clean as you go.  For instance if there is something on your counter that goes in the living room, you take it to living room and on the way back you collect garbage to put in the kitchen trash.  But I want to show what you can do in one room in 15 minutes.

This is the kitchen before I spent 15 minutes cleaning it.  Admittedly I did already do the dishes today.  But obviously, it was still a mess.  (Oh my husband is painting my cabinets, which is why they are missing some doors)
Actually it was pretty much a disaster area.  I should have more shame than to post these on the internet for everyone to see what an epic failure I am at housewifery.

15 minutes later and it looks much better.  I didn’t get the floor swept, and the timer went off before I finished wiping the counters, but now its not embarrassing!

See, its a great use of 15 minutes!  Much more satisfying than pinning things to my Pinterest board.

2 thoughts on “15 Minutes – In the Kitchen

  1. Wow, this is so great to see. I am going to have to start trying this. I am really jealous of your kitchen though, you have so much counter space. I am looking at my kitchen right now and all the dishes I see are clean (just washed). But to use the mixer you have to move the toaster or to make a smoothie you have to move this or that. So our counters are really crowded. And I just made and canned applesauce so there are jars on the counter (those do need washed) and a big canning pot on the stove. So the only things are that really out of place are the jars. But it makes my kitchen look so crowded. One day (hopefully) I will have a larger kitchen. You can't have the fridge and the oven open at the same time, they crash. 🙂

  2. I love all the counter space! It was one of the many selling points of the house. The kitchen has its downfalls though. For instance until Michael and his sister ripped out (and are currently rebuilding) some cabinets we had to keep the fridge in the laundry room because it would not fit in the hole that was for the fridge. And since we got a new dishwasher with a handle there is one drawer you can't open unless you open the dishwasher, and another you can't open unless the dishwasher is shut lol 

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