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I Love You

The other day Michael said “I love you” to which I replied “I love you too”.  Apparently he thought I said it to emotionlessly (I think I made up another word!) and said I should mean it when I say it.  I admitted that it IS pretty much a reflex, but since I ALWAYS love him its always true.  He said love shouldn’t be a reflex.

Why is “I love you too” a reflex?  Because I spend my day with not one, but two three year olds.  Who tell me all day long that they love me.  If one of them says it, the other one will 9 times out of 10 say it too.  No one wants to be left out of the love.  These girls are wonderful, and I DO love them.  But I would guess that I literally get told I love you 20 times a day, not counting when Michael says it!  Which is wonderful, you can’t have to much love!  Since you can’t ignore it when a cute little kid says I love you, I tend to say “I love you too” at least 20 times a day, and sometimes it is just a reflex.

I have heard that little kids that say I love you a lot are kids that hear it a lot, which makes me really happy for the girls.  Every child should know how precious and loved they are, and I know that they do!

Who wouldn’t love these two?  Here they are making Michael’s birthday cake 🙂  Yes, their faces are pixelated.  They are not my kids, I can’t just put their faces all over the internet!!  But I assure you, they are adorable!

But I AM going to try to make it more meaningful when I say “I love you too”, at least when its Michael I am saying it to.


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