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Good News!

Since the last time I blogged I have found out two AMAZING things!

1) Disney bought LucasArts!  Which could be considered a bad thing I guess, since Disney is kinda getting out of control big, but Disney also owns Marvel and The Avengers is an AWESOME movie.  With the announcement of Disney’s acquisition was the 10000x better announcement that they are going to make A STAR WARS SEQUEL!  Okay I know, the prequels suck, the sequels probably will too.  But I am still super excited!  I actually read (ironically in a Disney Adventures magazine) about 15 years ago that after the 3 prequels they were going to do 3 sequels, but then never heard anything else about it.  Until NOW!  I don’t know any details (other than a possible release date of 2015), and I probably won’t keep you posted, because I am a slacker.  I guess it was 16 years between Return of the Jedi and The Phantom Menace so 10 years between Revenge of the Sith and whatever the new movie will be called isn’t that long.

2) Amazing new part two also is quite Disney involved.  I think Disney is just “getting” what I, as a viewer, am interested in.  Okay, so a Star Wars sequel is actually much bigger news than what I am about to say, but this is MUCH more surprising.  You better sit down.  Disney Channel is making a sequel to Boy Meets World!!!  You know best show ever from back when television didn’t suck big time on Friday nights (I miss you TGIF)?  There are going to be a couple of math errors, but there were a few missing years in the original series (you can’t finish 9 years of school in 7 years), so its all good.  The show will focus on Cory and Topanga’s 13 year old daughter (this is where the math error comes in, seeing as how the oldest daughter they could possibly have based on canon from the show would be an 11 year old), but there is a strong possibility that Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel are going to be reprising their roles!  I REALLY hope so, or else this show is going to have a much smaller fan base to start with.  I also hope we see some of “Plays With Squirrels” (Eric for those of you less obsessed), Shawn Hunter, and maybe even a REALLY old Mr. Feeny!  All in all I am looking forward to Girl Meets World quite a bit, and not entirely for nostalgic reasons.  It will be nice to have another show that is just about normal family life, instead of being rich and famous.


2 thoughts on “Good News!

  1. Well those would be way better news items, but alas I have to stick with appreciating the little things. I did make sure my post wasn't misleading on my Facebook, I was tempted to put a picture of a pregnancy test just to make people read my blog because I am super lame like that. But I decided to put more relevant pictures and be a little less conniving.

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