Good-bye Freetime

Michael got a second job, and now I am looking for one. 

I ❤ my job, but I need more money.  I make pretty good money, especially for such an awesome job.  But fertility treatments are expensive, and I think after 5 years it is safe to say it could be extra expensive for me.  So I am hoping to get off “work” and then go to another job.

It was just going to be a Christmas job, but since I have to buy a car to get to and from work, it will probably end up being long term so I do more than buy a car that I don’t need after Christmas (I need a van to haul the kids around in, but I don’t want a van to commute in).  Plus I can only make a few hundred dollars in month or two, which would only pay for like one doctor appointment.

All of my supplemental job money is going straight into savings so it can go into putting a baby in my uterus.  I am probably going to steal most of Michael’s second job money too.

One problem is that I have limited hours, another is that I have limited interests.  I pretty much only want to be a cashier.  I don’t want to be on a sales floor, and I don’t want to do food service.  So finding a job could be easier said than done.  Plus then I have to try really hard to not get burnt out working a zillion hours a day.  I refuse to work Sundays though, so at least I will for sure have one day off.


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