Lazy, Lazy Rachel

So some people would be like “oh I have been so busy I have not had a minute to blog”.  Not me.  I have loads of free time (more than I should really, because my house is not sparkly and clean) but I spend it in worthy pursuits such as living vicariously through the Sims 3 (by the way, how ironic is it that I have no problem getting random sims to reproduce, but whenever I make Michael and I, we have to try for a baby like 30 times before it happens?) ,playing Slingo, pinning things to my boards on Pinterest and reading message boards about The Baby-Sitters Club.  Yeah I am super cool.

I just have issues blogging.  I want to be witty and charming, not repetitive and naggy.  And honestly, most of the time I just feel whiny. 

I think I have started my period.  Yup I think it has started.  It isn’t really a period, but it isn’t really spotting either.  So who knows.  I am counting it as a new cycle and starting to take all my mass amounts of supplements again and my temperature in the morning.  So I had an 87 day cycle!  Whatever.  But maybe my spotting in the middle of that was actually a period, then it was only a 45 day cycle followed by a 42 day cycle.  Oh well.  I am starting a new one as of Sunday, and I’m taking my temperatures so there should be no more confusion.  Today my temperature was 97.5, which after looking over my old charts is definitely a pre-ovulation temperature.


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