The Results Are In…

The verdict is: NOT PREGNANT!  Just super f-ed up.  I wasn’t going to test, but today is Michael’s birthday and he said I should test on his birthday so I did.  Surprise, surprise, one pink line!  So I am going to try drinking massive amounts of grape juice, which for some reason is supposed to start your period if its late, as well as regulate you according to one or two websites LOL.  Everything else I read sounded expensive and disgusting.  If it doesn’t start in the next week or two I will probably have to fork over the money to go to the doctor and get Provera… UGHHHHH.  I really need a room mate, so I can afford to start doing fertility stuff.  But this next cycle, should I ever actually get to it, I am going to take my temperatures everyday.  That way I don’t ever have to wonder if my test will be positive. 


5 thoughts on “The Results Are In…

  1. Sad! 😦 When I come over this weekend, you and I can go off by ourselves (maybe lock ourselves in a bedroom or something) and I'll pray over you. FYI… the grape juice thing makes sense. I know that wine thins your blood. Wine is fermented grape juice, so perhaps it works the same. By thinning your blood, perhaps you are encouraging blood flow????

  2. Sad, but not unexpected. I had one cycle this long back in December (through March!) 2010. I was super stoked then, but this time I was pretty wary.The praying thing sounds great, thank you.Glad the grapes thing makes sense. Grape juice doesn't taste like vinegar, but then it doesn't get you drunk either. Maybe I should pick up wine instead LOL.

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