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A Shameful Secret

What I am going to say obviously isn’t REALLY a secret, otherwise I wouldn’t be posting it on the internet, on a public page, under my real name.  But it FEELS like something I SHOULD keep secret.  Here goes:

I’m going to start running.  I ABHOR running.  It makes my entire body turn on me.  My head starts pounding.  My legs burn.  My lungs gasp for air.  And worst of all, almost unfailingly my side starts cramping and I am sure I am dying.  NOT FUN!

But this week I bought $60 running shoes.  Which seems absurdly expensive, but is actually at the low end of the running shoe spectrum.  The plus side is they are really cute, which is surprising because I tend to think athletic shoes are super ugly and stick to “skater shoes”.  I am NOT a skater, and am pretty sure that any attempt I made to even stand on a skate board would end with me flat on either my butt or my face.  But I like the shoes.  My husband also bought running shoes, which helps explain why I am going to torture myself.

See neither of us are particularly active.  Although he has a gym membership he hates going by himself.  Or with me.  Apparently I don’t try hard enough when I life weights and enjoy my work outs to much.  He wants me to leave in pain, I prefer to save my pain for the next morning.  So he said he would run with me.  He knows how much I hate running, so I think maybe, just maybe he thought I would say no.  However, I am always looking for opportunities for us to get our lazy bums off the couch, and opportunities to spend time together that doesn’t involve staring dumbly into a screen, so I agreed.  The $60 shoe investment solidified it.

I just got back from the beach, and while I was there I used the fitness center at our hotel a couple of times.  The first time I just walked on the treadmill, but the second time I had my new running shoes, so I tried the first day of the Couch to 5k system.  It was surprisingly painless.  Not a single side stitch!

Couch to 5k is a system to start running after being a couch potato.  Basically by the end of about 8 weeks you will be able to run for 30 minutes, which should end up being about 5k, or 3 miles.  Its nice because it starts out really slow.

I’m kind of excited, because I don’t do much cardio (or anything else…) so I think it should help me lose the weight I want to lose.  Especially since we are starting after we move into our new house, which means I will be meal planning again, so our calorie counts should be noticeably lower.

But still.  I am NOT a runner.  I’m the mean person who laughs at the weather inappropriate clothes runners wear.  So if you ever see me out running, feel free to laugh because I have it coming.


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