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Goals Revisited

In January I set up a list of goals, at which I am failing miserably.

-Have a baby: still “unpregnant”
-Lose 10 lbs: I have lost about 4, but that is no where near close to ten
-Lose 20 lbs: Obviously not
-Lose 30 lbs: I am actually not sure I want to lose this much, I think I will switch it to
                     23 lbs.  I don’t want to be sickly skinny.
-Drink 2 glasses of water a day: This is SO easy.  And yet I am not doing it.  Stupid
                                                   soda for being delicious.
-Keep my house cleaner: I still don’t have a house so I am giving myself a break on this
                                      one until I move.
-Read the New Testament: 50% complete
-Read the entire Bible: I started the year at like 40% read and now I am at like 47%…

So I am failing.  Luckily I figured I would fail so I am not to worked up about it.

When we move I am going to make myself a pretty strict schedule so I can keep my twice as big as I am used to house clean while still playing with the kids, making meals, crafting and everything else.  I love schedules (as long as they have free time slots, otherwise its way overwhelming to go, go, go all day, every day) and lists, so I honestly already have one planned up.  I will post it once I move and get settled and see how it works out.

Schedules are the only way I get everything done and don’t get overwhelmed and give up before I start.

So my schedule already has Bible reading, cleaning, exercising, and water drinking factored in, so I think by the end of the year I should be doing pretty good goal wise.  Except the baby, but then that isn’t really in my hands.


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