Baby Mitchell

This is baby Mitchell.  He was born on March 7th 2012.

On June 10th 2012 he was taken up to Heaven.

I told the story as it was told to me in my last post, and have since asked his mother, Jessie for permission to use his picture, and the letter she wrote to him on my blog.

“oh mitchel. you’ve been such a miracle. You’ve fought for your life since you were born. I lost you at 3 months and 3 days. but those days between today and when you were born were the best days of my life. You’ll never be taken for granted nor will you ever truley be gone. i love you so much my beautiful boy. im glad i got to hear you laugh last week. and how much you wanted to cuddle with me. im going to miss your small cry and that beautiful voice. Your baby talk could make me laugh for days. Im SO proud of you mitchell. I know you were tired but it’s okay. mommy understands. lol, you know what i loved? when i would smile at you and you would smile back. or when we would make faces at you and youd smile and hide your face. Or when i held you, you would always lift your arm like “hey mom, smell my armpit” oh my gosh you can keep me smiling for days with all these memories. You were one special boy, we knew that the day you were born mitch. ‘goodness gracious, mitchell’ you’ve always been my oddball. i love you baby bear. my little blue eyed bear. YOU ARE STRONG. you always have been. i held you for the first time at 4 days and i held you at your last. Momma promised she’d always be there didn’t she? from beginning to end? this isn’t the end. momma will still be here and i know you will be too. I love you mitchell. i love you, i love you. i can’t say it enough. ♥”
On my blog you will now find a “Donate” button.  I’m hoping to get donations for Mitchell’s family.  He was sick for quite some time and they have incurred a lot of medical bills that they are struggling to afford.
I know asking for a donation on my blog could seem like a hoax, but I promise all of the money (minus the 3% fee that PayPal charges) will go to the family.  Any little bit is appreciated.  I want to do something to help.
If  you are not in the position to donate, please consider posting this on your Facebook page to spread the word to your friends and family.

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