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Facebook & Family

So I was watching Good Luck Charlie, because I am just that cool.  On this particular episode Amy (the mom) signs up for a “BuddyBook” account.  Teddy (16 year old daughter) says “BuddyBook” must be uncool now.  Then she finds out her grandma has an account and says she needs to delete her account.  When Amy sends PJ (18 year old son) a friend request, he denies the request!

Maybe I am crazy, but I love when my family is on Facebook.  I don’t understand why it would be embarrassing to be “friends” with your grandma, or your mom.

I guess I just don’t have anything to hide?  I mean I don’t put naked pictures of myself up (yes I know, Facebook doesn’t allow naked pictures, but some of them are close enough), or post offensive status updates.  As a teenager it might have minded a little bit, because everything feels like an invasion of privacy to a teenager, but I am pretty dang sure that if my mom had sent me a friend request and I’d denied it while living under her roof (myspace of course, because that is how old I am) I would not have been back on the internet until I moved out.


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