Baby Dog!

I got a puppy!  I thought that everyone would want to see my baby dog, so here are some really bad pictures.  Its really dark in Michael’s mom’s house, so the flash is always having to go off even in broad daylight, making the pictures look weird.  Plus my photography skills are lacking…

Her name is Daisy, and she is a rottweiler/lab mix.  She is really cute.  Also really obnoxious at night.  She sleeps all day and cries all night.  I am sleeping in the spare room with her, because I have to let her out like 27 times a night.  Plus she cries for like 45 minutes before going to sleep if you leave her alone, where if I sleep in the room with her she just whimpers a little and goes to sleep.  If she would stop waking up a zillion times, she could just sleep in our room with us, but Michael drives for a living, and I prefer him to get a full nights sleep.

She is a sweetie, and I am super happy I have a puppy again, I am just a little whiny because I have not had a full nights sleep in 3 nights.  Its good practice for a baby, right?

This is how my puppy chooses to sleep…


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