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A Super Awesome Refrigerator

So I was watching Good Luck Charlie (I really like it okay?) and I just had to talk about the amazing fridge the fictional family has.  The front of the doors are chalkboards.  They always right chore charts, schedules, menu plans or some other family thing on it.  Of course I thought it was the best idea EVER.

Then my husband pointed out that we don’t have producers/set designers to make it look all cute and artistic every week.  And since laziness is kind of my thing, I would just end up with a chalk dust covered fridge that sometimes has things written on it.  In my messy handwriting, and all slanted because I can’t write in a straight line.  Michael is so much more practical than me.

But just so you can see how awesome of an idea it is (in theory) here is a picture!


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