Skirting the Issue

I have used this pattern a few times, New Look 6710:

Although the pants look awful (and very comfy, maybe I should make a pair?)  The skirt in the top right corner is great.  I have to admit that I do cheat when I make this pattern, and rather than having a separate casing for the waist band, I just fold over the top part of the skirt.  Its a little ugly inside, but no one sees inside the top of my skirt, and with the short cut I can usually make this, start to finish in less than an hour.
Me, looking super sexy.  Ugh! That is a messy living room!
The patterns go together SOOO well! 
This is the first one I made.  This is my “to Church on Christmas Eve outfit” in 2010.
I was taking these pictures myself… so they suck…
I also made this baby skirt out of the left over fabric.  It is awful, the back seam is on the outside of the skirt, but the girls still like to wear it.


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