Name That (Imaginary) Baby!

It might be a good thing I didn’t get pregnant when we first trying.  After all, it took us four and a half years to pick names for our hypothetical children.

*PLEASE NOTE – I am not “claiming” these names per say.  However, it took us almost half a decade to pick these names, so regardless of anyone else using them, we are too!  I don’t care if Angelina Jolie or my sister uses them.  No one owns names, so I can use them even if everyone in the whole world uses them first.  Which would be really, really weird…*

Since we started trying I have been a bit obsessed with baby names.  I’d look through baby name books and make lists.  Then I would hand them to Michael, and he would unfailingly pick the one or two names that I barely like.  He would suggest names that I could not imagine giving my children.  Not that they were awful names, they just sounded like 80’s cheerleaders, or prep school boys to me; Tristan, Crystal, Chaz (okay, no offense if you love the name, but Chaz is kind of out of left field I think…).  My top names were Holly and Luke.

So we found one name that we really like right about when we started trying: Micah (which I can apparently not type or write without first typing/writing Michael).  I like it because it sounds like Michael and its Biblical.  Michael just likes how it sounds.  I am going to be honest about where we found all of our baby names, even though its pretty freaking embarrassing and someday our poor kids will probably look back at this blog entry for some reason and be like “Seriously Mom, you named me after WHAT?!?!”, especially our poor second born daughter…  Anyways, Micah is the name of a character on the show Heroes.  We are not naming our children after the fictional characters, its just where we happened to hear the name.

Micah got shelved for awhile because we couldn’t agree on the spelling.  Michael wanted to spell it Mika.  To me, that is a Japanese girl’s name (Mee-kah), and I will not name my son after a Japanese girl, no matter how nice she is!  I wanted to spell it right, you know like in the Bible.  After years of not finding another name, Michael agreed to my spelling.

My husband always wanted to have all of his kids’ names start with the same letter.  I thought it was unnecessary and really limited my name choices.  But then we found our first girl name.

I really like the name Mila, but Michael thought it sounded to Russian.  So that was a no go.  Here comes some more mildly embarrassing honesty.  We were watching Good Luck Charlie (don’t judge me! 😛 ).  The little girl who plays Charlie’s real name is Mia.  Michael asked what I thought about it and I said it was okay.  Really I was annoyed because  I thought he was being ridiculous vetoing Mila and suggesting Mia.  Then I, in a rare moment of sanity, realized that I was being just as irrational, and Mia is just as good of a name as Mila, except better because we both like it!

Of course having one boy and one girl is not necessarily how it goes, so we had more names to pick.  Once we had Micah and Mia, it was easier to pick the others because we knew we were going with “M” names.

Boy name #2 is Max.  Actually its going to be Maximus.  Like from Gladiator.  I just like the name Max, but the only way to get my husband to go along with it was when I suggested we have it be short for Maximus.  He really loves the Gladiator movie…

Girl name #2 is Miriam.  We are going to call her Miri.

If we have more than two boys or two girls, I guess we will have to watch some more television or movies, because we appear to be unable to find names without the help from media outlets…

Micah : Who is like God
            #104 in 2011 (most popular year)
Mia:    : Mine.  Also a variant of Maria, which can mean, wished for child, bitter,     
             or rebellion.  I think I will stick with mine, or wished for child…
            #9 in 2011 (most popular year)
Maximus:  Greatest
                 #212 in 2011 (most popular year) Max is #96
Miriam: Of the sea, or bitter.  Not a great meaning, but whatever.
             #255 in 1954 (most popular year)  Miri isn’t on the lists.


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