Play Dresses

New Look 6578 is the first pattern I got.  I don’t remember how, but I got it free in the mail, way before I started sewing.  So it sat around and didn’t get used for a few years.

Last Spring I decided the girls I baby sit needed play dresses.

It even worked as a swimsuit!

The light colored one is a “sample” which didn’t turn out so hot because this was before I learned that the facings are actually an important part of the pattern.  It is also only fastened with safety pins, which are not really the classiest.  They didn’t really wear these, but I think they are cute.  Plus they are made of the same sheet as my shirt, which is always fun 🙂

They liked “cleaning”

The actual dresses I intended to make are much better, even if I only used velcro to fasten them.  This was before I learned how easy buttons are to use.

They wore them quite a bit, mostly because I thought it was fun to have them wear the clothes I made…

I really have to stop making them model directly after nap… they look so depressed!

I apologize for the awful formatting on here… I just don’t know how to make it better…


5 thoughts on “Play Dresses

  1. Love these!!! It reminds me of the play dresses my one SIL would make our daughter when she was this age. Keep in mind when the colder winter comes, you can layer leggings and long sleeve t-shirts under these play dresses and keep using them year round!!!

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