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Getting Ahead of Myself

The house we are buying has SIX bedrooms!  Okay, one of them isn’t really big enough to count as a bedroom, but its still a room.  I already have plans for all of them…

There are two rooms downstairs, one of them is the itty bitty one.  The tiny room is going to be the office.  The bigger room downstairs will be the playroom for the kids I baby-sit.  I figure a downstairs playroom is much safer and more convenient than an upstairs one.

Upstairs are the other four bedrooms.  Of course one will be our bedroom (duh).  Two of the other rooms will hopefully be filled by room mates (I think I want to call them boarders.  It sounds so much more old fashioned!) so our mortgage is a smaller percentage of our income.  Eventually, when we manage to have kids, the room mates’ rooms will turn into a boy’s room and a girl’s room.  But that is WAY down the line.  Not only am I fertility challenged, but my kids will sleep in my room, and then in the playroom until they are old enough to ask for a little privacy.  We need to keep the room mate money coming as long as possible.

The last room is the one I’m most excited about!  I get a craft room!!!  I’m going to use our old dining room table as my sewing/craft table so I can have my sewing machine and projects out all of the time.  Keeping the extra table makes me happy, because if we ever host a big meal we can (Michael can?) lug it downstairs and we can seat tons of people.  Michael suggested having a craft room/office.  Then I reminded him how messy I am, and he decided he wanted his own office.  I really want the craft room to be my own because it will be the one room I can decorate all girly and pink and sparkly (well until I have a girl’s room someday I guess).  I think I’m going to try and find a daybed with a trundle to put in the craft room so it can be a guest room when we need it.

This isn’t a craft room, but I would definitely love my craft room to look like this, as far as the walls go!

Our house also has two living spaces so we’ll have to find a second set of furniture.  I’m excited about having two living spaces, but it is a little unnecessary.  Our formal living room will probably never get used.  But it will be nice so I can have a place to put two Christmas trees.  Completely unimportant, but fun.  Also when Michael and I have friends over and the guys start playing video games and talking way to loud, us girls can go to the other room and be able to hear each other talk!

I am WAY to excited about the house we are getting.  We still need an inspection, so it could still fall through.  And I have pretty much no furniture to put in it.  Hopefully my grandma lets me take her furniture even though we have only paid her for half of it.  I think she will, its just sitting in her empty house…


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