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What’s For Dinner?

Something I enjoyed doing, but fell out of the habit of is menu planning.

I don’t know how other people go about meal planning, but for me it is a pretty long process, and I only plan dinner!

Step One:
I write down the meals we have on a regular basiss.  For us these are usually tacos, spaghetti, and pizza night.  I also note nights that we will be gone so I don’t need to make dinner.

Step Two:
I look through cookbooks to find the rest of the meals I need to have enough for everyday we need to have dinner.  This part takes forever!  I am REALLY picky AND I try to keep the calorie count below 500-600 for the meal (main dish, sides, dessert).

Step Three:
I categorize the meals by what sort of meat they use.  I don’t really do the meatless things (and my husband really hates when I do), and I am not big on fish, so usually its just beef and chicken.  To ensure variety I switch them every other day.  So if we have spaghetti on Monday, then Tuesday we will have chicken.  I also try to place pasta dishes at least one day away from each other.  I put all the meals into a list in the order I plan to make them.

Step Four:
I look over the recipes to see what I need to buy and how much, then I make my shopping list.  After my list is made I “shop” my fridge and pantry so I don’t buy stuff I already have.  Then I decide on the veggies, sides, and desserts I want to make, add them to meal plan, finalize my shopping list with the stuff I need for breakfasts, lunches, and snacks.

I feel like there has to be a simpler way of doing it, but so far no luck.  I think when I move out I am going to try and plan all of our meals, it should save money knowing EXACTLY what and how much to buy.  And more money saved means more money for fertility stuff.

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3 thoughts on “What’s For Dinner?

  1. I need to go back to working on menu planning too. Sometimes I make a great dinner and think to myself I should do that again and then I forget how much we liked that meal. Maybe I should at least start by writing down what I've cooked during the different seasons. I'm a very seasonal cooker, meaning I'm not about to make tomato soup and grilled cheese in the middle of the summer and a salad with cold grilled chicken and vegetables is only on a summer menu.

  2. Megan: You have the best pictures on your internet stuff. Perfect likenesses every time! I like how we both plan meals the same way. I don't remember mom really doing a ton of menu planning, but maybe we picked it up from her?Heather: I am so not a seasonal cooker. I'm like, its 95 degrees out, but you know what sounds good? Chicken and Dumplings. Or we just got done playing in the snow, we should totally eat ice cream!

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