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25 and Infertile

Can you guess what I am watching?

Anyways, I think that Lifetime or TLC or some other reality/women’s channel (except OWN, I sure hate Oprah!) should give infertile girls like me a television show.

Seriously, it makes great sense!  I am pretty sure that a much higher percentage of people deal with fertility issues than teen pregnancy.  About 10% of the adult population could relate to the show.  The other 90% could understand what infertiles go through.  It might not be that interesting, but there are shows about midgets, people who are addicted to things like their own urine and cabbage patch dolls, polygamists, and crazy breeders (yes, I mean the Duggars and I mean it in the nicest way possible, I totally admire them and their family)!  Why not us?

*after looking up crazy TLC shows, it turns out that there is a show called A Conception Story, but it is just a web series*

We can pee on sticks, go to doctor appointments, cry on the bathroom floor, and talk about cervical mucus.  We can inform people about fertility issues, let them know they are not alone in their pain, and maybe even encourage people to value their fertility BEFORE they want to have kids.

Of course the best part is that we would earn money by doing the show.  That money could then be used to finance the mass expense of fertility treatments or adoption.  Of course people will probably love the show.  So once we overcome the infertility one way or another, we can have a spin-off show.  We’ll call it Infertile Moms.  Because we all deserve a happily ever after.


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