How Rachel Is Going to Get a Baby

Since the majority of my posts are whining about my infertility, I assume that the few readers that I maintain even through my sporadic posting and bitter ranting, must either care about me, or have some stake in infertility themselves.  Or I might have no readers.  Whatever.

I am still unpregnant.  Not for a lack of trying of course.  I still take my temperatures and have recently started checking my cervix.  By the way, that is both disgusting and confusing.  I tried the soy isoflavones, one month they seemed to work.  The next they didn’t make me feel better, and I am pretty sure I didn’t ovulate at all.  So between learning more about the danger of soy and my need for instant gratification, I quit taking them.  I have ordered Maca, red raspberry leaf, and a fertility blend, and when they come in the mail I will start taking them.  I want to get false unicorn root as well.  And of course there is the lunaception.

Strangely I feel like my cycles are syncing up with my mother-in-laws, at least a little bit.  The last two months, she has asked us to pick her up feminine hygiene products around the same time I am bleeding to death.

I have a plan for my fertility treatment.  For the first couple months we move out we are going to be a little poor.  Then some things are going to happen that will bring in more money (room mate(s) and another kid or two to watch) and we should have quite a bit of money at the end of each month.

My goal is to use lunaception and herbs to get my cycles at least semi-regular.  Hopefully by the time I have the extra money I will be back to pretty regular cycles and ovulating on a regular basis.  Whether that happens or not, I will move on with my plan.  The next step will be to find a gynecologist in the area to run tests.  Last time I went straight to a fertility doctor, which I think was a mistake for a number of reasons:
1. I didn’t like him.
2. His office is an hour away.  With one car, and my baby-sitting, it was hard to coordinate office visits.
3. Fertility clinics don’t take payments.  I think gynecologists do.

After I get the necessary tests done to find out what is wrong, I will find a new reproductive endocrinologist and move on to whatever treatments need to be done.  I know when I started this blog, I said that I didn’t think I would do IVF, or anything drastic like that.  I have completely changed my mind, and it is all on the table now.  I just want a child, I don’t care HOW it gets here.  Actually that isn’t true, I still wouldn’t be willing to have a clone.  IVF, IUI, ICSI, crazy drugs, whatever it takes!  I even have an AMAZING friend who has offered to be a surrogate for us if it came down to that! 

If nothing works, my husband is warming up to the idea of adoption.  I think it takes longer for guys, because they don’t get quite as desperate to have children.  In fact he even brought up the idea of adopting a Chinese baby.  Which will never happen.  You have to make a MINIMUM of $80,000 a year to adopt from China.  We will probably go for domestic infant adoption if we end up adopting.  I would love to adopt an orphan, instead of “fighting” other couples for a newborn, but the cost and logistics of getting a foreign infant make it seem impossible.


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