Still Moving

Guess where I’m still living.  Yup, my mother-in-laws.  The deal was that we would move out May 1st, it didn’t happen.  I’m not to worried though.  Here’s the story…

The house we started out trying to buy ended up being pretty much unbuyable (I think I just made up a word).  Now we are REALLY glad that it was.  See it was an older manufactured home, like 22 years old or so.  That doesn’t bother us, except for one teeny, tiny detail.  We found out that NO BANKS FINANCE MOBILE HOMES OLDER THAN 25 YEARS!  We literally would have been stuck in the house forever.  So praise the Lord that we didn’t get that one.

We spent a month or so looking at houses that didn’t work for us.  They were either to small, on tiny lots, or way to expensive.  I have pretty cheap taste when it comes to most things, but I want space.  I don’t have kids, but I am going to have 3 or 4 kids at my house all day, every week day, plus a room mate.  So three bedrooms is a minimum for me.  I grew up on an acre lot, across the street from about a zillion acres of woods, so the average .17 acre lot in town looks REALLY tiny to my spoiled eyes.

Finally we found a house we loved.  Almost a half an acre, 5-6 bedrooms, 2000 square feet, and in an excellent area.  It was old, and had lots of stuff we could CHOOSE to fix up, but nothing that NEEDED repairs.  It was also a short sale with multiple offers.  So we offered on it, and kept looking at other houses.

We found a couple more we liked, but they were to expensive.  We offered anyway, really low balling them (whats the worst that can happen?  All they do is say no.), and got the offers rejected.

By then we were past the halfway point of our stay with Michael’s mom.  So we decided that if we had not found a house by the beginning of May we would move into an apartment.  We didn’t want to stay indefinitely. 

Then we found a cute little house that we kinda liked.  We offered on it, as did 3 other people.  The seller’s realor asked for everyone’s best offer, and we were going to offer more than the asking price.  This house was nothing special, and way to small, but we were getting desperate.  We met our realtor to give her our final offer and look at another house, in case this one fell through.  On the way there we decided that a house is to big of a purchase to make out of desperation and rescinded our offer entirely.  The house we looked at that day needed some work, but it was on a quarter acre, had lots of square footage, and 4 bedrooms.

We offered on the fixer upper, and right before our May 1st deadline, we negotiated a price that worked for us, and got started on the paper work for the rehab loan to make the needed repairs.  We had a house!

Then came the inspection.  We had $20,000 from the rehab loan to fix the house.  Everything has to be quoted before the house sells or the loan goes through,  It ended up that it would cost a lot more than we had to fix up the house to make it livable.  So on the same day we decided that we had to terminate that offer, and start back at square one, our realtor told us some good news.  We got the short sale that we wanted!  Our closing date is June 29th, and we are getting as close to our dream house as we can get in town, and not building it ourselves!

I really feel like it is meant to be.  If we had not been in the process of buying the fixer upper, we would have moved into an apartment and spent $1000 or so on moving out.  Then when we got the news we might not have had enough to get the house.  I am so EXCITED!!!


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