Long Time, No See

I am pretty much a failure at seeing things through.

-When I was six or so, I did exactly one season of t-ball.  Mostly I just drew in the dirt, but either was, only one season,
-At around 7 or 8, I did one season of basketball (or more accurately, one season of sauntering up and down the court, picking my nose.  Yeah I was that kid.).
-I did a whole half of a season of volleyball.  There was an odd number of girls on the team, and when we paired up, I always ending up practicing with the wall.
-I also did some dance classes and gymnastics.  Some of my dance classes I only made it to about class number 2, others I did all the way through to the first show.
-By the time I got to middle school I had quit starting new things for the most part, so I quit quitting for a while.
-In high school the only thing I quit was pretty much every class that I took around mid-semester.
-I paid over $600 for the 2 days of college classes I went to.  I forgot to cancel the classes…  Worst money ever spent.  I got panic attacks pretty much every time I set foot on the campus, I don’t know why I was even trying.

Now I still quit everything.  Other than baby-sitting, my jobs usually last about a year at best.  I do about one cycle of each new fertility thing that I try.  My diets last about 3 hours.  Maybe 4 if I JUST finished a delicious meal.

As a child in sports or other activities, I always felt like I was the person on the team that sucked the most.  I felt like since I wasn’t a prodigy, I may as well quit.  In high school I was just lazy, and now, not unlike in my prepubescent years, I want instant gratification.

What I am really getting at is:  Sorry I have not blogged in so long.


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