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A Negative Quality

This is kind of a continuation of my “I’m a lazy quitter post”.  I have the strong feeling that the two are connected…

Something I think most people don’t know about me is that I am INCREDIBLY competitive.  Like when I lose I want to cry and never play the game/do the activity again.

I am aware this is pathetic, irrational, and absurd.  Especially considering that if I happen to have a talent, I have yet to find out what it is.  Plus, who wants to feel like a spoiled brat whenever they lose at something.

My way of dealing with this is simple.  I don’t try.  If you ever play something with me (that isn’t basically a game of chance), you might notice my lack of effort.  Or you might just think that I am mentally/physically handicapped.  Take bowling for instance.  I calmly walk up to the lane and gently toss my ball towards the pins.  Or frisbee golf, where I lazily lob my frisbee in the general direction of the hole.

If I don’t make an effort, if I’m not trying to win, then its fun to play.  When I am attempting to win, it becomes stressful and upsetting.  My husband thinks this is ridiculous, and I should find a happy medium, but I figure better to look like an idiot than a spoiled brat!


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