I have not posted in figuratively FOREVER!  (notice the use of figuratively, not literally?)

Usually people say things like, of I have been so busy, or my computer was broken or something.  But I am just going to be honest.  I am a lazy procrastinator.

Plus I am uninspired.  I don’t know why, sometimes I have like a zillion ideas for posts and I write them all up, then I type them and set them up to publish on different days so it looks like I am posting often.  I think that not having notebooks is throwing off my blogging.  I don’t like to just type up my entries.  I like to write them down on paper, edit them (I know my posts are pretty crappy for being edited twice before I publish them) so they flow better and THEN type them up.  Plus I can write in a notebook whenever I get the urge, but I can only type if the computer is not being used and the kids are gone/napping.  But I packed all my notebooks.  I really thought I left one out, but I don’t know where it went if I did.


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