Attempting to Buy a House Sucks

Since the property that started this whole buying a house/moving thing isn’t available, we decided to keep looking.  Seeing as how we had already given our landlord our 30 day notice, and started hauling our stuff over to Michael’s mom’s house, we didn’t have much choice but to continue in the plan to move.  We knew it might fall through, but we didn’t know what an epic failure it would be.

We have an awful realtor it would seem.  We give her lists of houses we would like to look at.  She gives us lists of reasons that she can’t/won’t show them to us.  She also decided that we were not interested in shorts sales.  And since Michael told her that that we were in fact interested in short sales, she has not emailed us back in 2 days.  Which is a pretty long time, considereing that she usually writes back in a efw hours.

Se we have seen about 2 houses so far.  Including the one we can’t have.

Unfortunately, because of my job (baby-sitting at my house) I can’t just move to any house we’d like.  It has to remain a reasonable drive for the families of the kids I watch.  So we are pretty limited.  Hopefully we find something.


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