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Things That Scare Me

  • vaccines
  • epidurals
  • pitocin
  • sunscreen
  • pretty much all pharmaceutical drugs, but I am still kinda willing to take them to get pregnant
  • Satan/demons
  • shampoo, conditioner, lotion, etc.
  • milk (unless it was organic and raw)
  • the end of the world
  • being scared of the end of the world, since as a Christian I am supposed to be excited about the end of the world
  • not ever being able to have a baby
  • eating new foods
  • spiders (big ones)
  • snakes (no matter what the size, they just freak me out)
  • all the things that some people say are occult and then I wonder if they are, for example: acupuncture, mindlessly reading your horoscope (even if I just think its a big joke), yoga, etc.
  • cleaning products
  • meat (unless it was grass fed, free range organic meat)
  • c-sections (aka, being gutted or being chopped in half)

One thought on “Things That Scare Me

  1. Great post. I'm scared by anesthesia, although I just had it recently. I'm also afraid of open heights and skydiving. I don't plan on trying either anytime soon. Open heights means tall staircases or balloon riding. Planes I'm fine with.

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