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Christmas Cards are Depressing…

So I have always sent out Christmas cards (by always I mean since I have been married). I like doing it, it seems like such a nice grown-up thing to do.

This year I even got some free cards from Shutterfly, so I didn’t even have to buy them! Well some of them anyways. I only have 20 cards, and I usually send out 30 or so cards, so I am debating cutting back or making a trip to Dollar Tree to get some more. So if you get a photo Christmas card from me, its not because I think that Michael and I are so cute that you want a picture of us, it is that I am so cheap that I can’t resist free Christmas cards.

I was going over my Christmas card list, and I realized that SIX people on the list have had babies since I sent out cards last year. That is 20% (according to my math) of the people on my Christmas card list. And half of the remaining 80% are done having kids, due to either surgical procedure or advanced age or a combination of both.

I am pretending to contemplate not sending any of those fertile friends of mine Christmas Cards.


2 thoughts on “Christmas Cards are Depressing…

  1. Yup! But I have to buy some more, because although I addressed them, I decided I can't handle sending out the same cards that I sent out last year 😛 People might remember, and that would be embarrassing!

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