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Why Do Teenagers Do Such Stupid Things?

When I was 17 I heard from a few friends about a handy, dandy little shot that would keep you from getting your period. The Depo Provera shot. It is intended as birth control, and as I was not sexually active I didn’t need it at all. But who could resist the temptation of no period?

My mom of course told me no. Unfortunately for me, thanks to the progressive laws in the realm of birth control, it was quite easy for me to go get this nasty little injection without her permission, with only one little lie to the lady giving it to me (“Why yes, I am planning on being sexually active and want to be safe!”).

My friend and I went together to get them. And they royally screwed up both of us. I didn’t have any mood swings, or weight gain. I just had random periods. But pretty light and not troublesome.

I had two or three of these shots, then decided that I really didn’t need them, so I should probably quit getting them since they didn’t even stop my period. They my cycles got REALLY wacky. Like no period for 3 months, then spotting for 2-3 weeks, then no period for 2 weeks, then a period for 2 weeks, you get the drift. I don’t recall what my cycle was like before, since I wasn’t trying to avoid or achieve a pregnancy, but I know they were not like that, because I was quite surprised.

Eventually, like a year after I stopped getting the shot, I got on the birth control pill to regulate my cycle. Then I started having sex, so I didn’t get off of some sort of birth control for the next year and a half or so. Which was nice, because my cycles came like clockwork.

Actually I did stop once, right after we got married I stopped for a month, because I felt bad taking it. But my husband complained ALOT so I got back on at the end of the month. That cycle was hell. I think it MAY have been my one and only pregnancy, but I will never know. I was a few days late and had awful cramps and lots of bleeding. Which is another reason I decided to get myself back on the hormones. If every period was going to be like that I didn’t want one. Its only in retrospect and after not having any more horrible period that I thought it might have been a miscarriage.

In May 2007 I decided I wanted a baby. My husband wasn’t happy about this, but it turns out he needn’t have worried. I went off birth control and my cycles were fairly normal for a while. Then they went back to hell and have been getting worse and worse over the last 4 years, but especially in the last year.

I blame the Depo Provera shot. This sounds dumb, but if you read this forum, I really think I might be onto something:

This story is just another reason you should always listen to your mommy!


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