Love and Marriage

Everything Changes… Eventually

Five years ago I got married. And after five years I am still not a Mrs. Tomorrow I get halfway there.

See my husband told me a long time ago, before we even started dating, that he HATED his last name, and would never expect his wife to take it. So when I married him I didn’t take it. Because his last name is pretty sucky. Its not really that bad, but its Mexican. So when we had a home phone set up all our telemarketer calls were in Spanish. And when I have used his last name to sign up for things, all my junk mail comes in Spanish. I speak English.

Now I am an old-fashioned girl. I told him that I would take his last name, but I didn’t want our kids to have it (HAHAHA – this was back when I thought I could reproduce). Being Mexican has some negative stereotypes attached to it, which I didn’t want to saddle my kids with. Plus they will speak English, so they wouldn’t be able to read their junk mail.

Michael agreed with me about not giving them his last name (remember he hates it), but thought it was silly to have them have a different name than us (I think it is to, I was attempting to be agreeable). So he decided to use his maternal grandfather’s last name, and about 3 years later I got around to changing my name.

So last April I changed my name at the courthouse. But I didn’t want to change my name on my driver’s license, only to have to pay again to renew it this year. So “officially” it is still my maiden name. For the last year or so I have been getting whined at by the bank, because my ID says one name, while my checks I get say another. They should be pretty happy next week.

With my license getting renewed tomorrow I will officially have my new last name. But Michael still has his old one (he works all the hours that the courthouse is open, so its kind of difficult), so I am still in Prefix Limbo.


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