I think that my body is skipping ovulation again this cycle.

I took ovulation tests this month, although I have no idea why, as we are not doing an IUI or anything. Just vitex (chasteberry, an herb) and acupuncture. But I got a positive on Saturday (CD12), but my temperature didn’t go up the next day, so I took another one on Monday, which was also positive. But on Tuesday my temperature was still low, so I took another test and it was negative, but my temperature was still low. So I think my body pretended it was going to ovulate, then changed its mind.

It did the same thing during my IUI cycle, making me pretty darn happy I didn’t try it again this month.

TMI ALERT – The following paragraph is pretty gross and more information then you probably want to read, proceed at your own risk.

I have been trying to check my cervix this cycle, but I don’t really know what I am doing. Plus after all the time I have spent reading about fertility and trying to conceive, I somehow managed to miss that a high cervix is fertile, and was all annoyed because mine seemed to be high when I was supposed to be ovulating. Then I looked it up and realized it was supposed to be high. I can’t tell at all if it is open or closed. I also have been checking my cervical mucous and have had basically none all cycle, leading me to believe that I am no where near ovulating despite positive tests and a high (I think) cervix.


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