The Human Pincushion

Tomorrow I am going to get needles shoved into various parts of my body. Now five years ago this would undoubtedly be referring to a new piercing or tattoo but in my old age I am talking about acupuncture.

I got a book called “The Infertility Cure”. It is about treating infertility through traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). I am quite excited, but equally terrified.

Getting pregnant is obviously the ultimate goal, but the real reason I am trying it is because western medicine has nothing to offer me. I want my hormones to get back in order. I am quite certain that something is quite off balance, as my cycles this year have varied from 15 to 70 days, and sometimes I bleed for half my cycle.

But the doctor doesn’t care about that, all he can do is give me pills that are supposed to force my body to ovulate on schedule for one cycle. Then the next cycle I will be as screwed up as before or worse. Plus it doesnt even work. I want to be regulated, even if I never manage to get pregnant.

TCM doesn’t attempt to treat one condiotn, but to balance out your whole body, while focusing on a goal (fertility for me).

Interestingly, the meridians that are used in TCM line up with the folds that develop on an embryo as it develops into a fetus. Basically the lines/folds decide what will become which organs are the same as the lines they use to connect organ systems in TCM.

While I was reading the book I took the quiz to help determine what might be wrong with you. There are eleven possible diagnoses, and it said if you have 25% or more in any one category, then you probably have that thing wrong with you. I had like at least half of them wrong with me. So I am thinking acupuncture is probably going to help at least a little.

I am hopeful, but skeptical. My friend got pregnant after acupuncture, which is a positive review. Michael is really skeptical, but I found a place that does it cheap, so its worth a try.

Update tomorrow 🙂


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