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Back To School

I LOVE school supplies. If I can get something useful or fun for 15¢ (tangent – I miss the cent sign, so I figured out how to do it: alt + 0162 = ¢, you are welcome) , I’m buying it. Or seven of it.

Now I like pens, pencils and glue, but my true loves are notebooks and crayons. Pens dry up before I can use them (I have 3 bags in various colors that don’t work very well), I don’t use pencils, and I don’t use glue.

Notebooks MUST be college ruled and its pretty much a guarantee that I will buy them in every available color. My husband thinks I am crazy (prehaps I am) but I love to fill them with lists, recipes, blog posts (before I type them) and randomly trying to write with my left hand.

Crayons are awesome, and Crayolas are the best, but usuallly way more expensive than stupid Cra-Z-Art (which I think replaces Roseart). Back to school time reverses that trend. So I bought a box and passed my off-brand ones onto the kids I baby-sit. Stay off my Crayolas!!! I like kids, but they are rough on crayons ok?

Then I went to Fred Meyer with my husband and saw a 96 box of Crayola Crayons. I told hiom that someday I was buying a giant box of crayons. He was a sweetheart and bought them for me. So I passed on my 24 pack of Crayolas onto the 5 year old, and the Cra-Z-Arts to the toddlers.

So now I just need a Barbie coloring book (Brittany already gave me a Princess one! YAY!!!) and I am good to go.

By the way, my birthday is coming up soon *hint, hint* 😛


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