An Irritating Ordeal

Next month is my birthday and as I am going to be old I have to renew my driver;s license. Yup I have been driving for eight years now. Well almost, but they make you renew it on your birthday, not when they first issued it.

A few years ago, we totaled our car. All my “papers” (passport, social security card, and birth certificate) got lost. So I had to order a new birth certificate, and I am REALLY hoping that my W-2 has my social security number on it, because I don’t have time to get to the social security office and get my card in the mail before my birthday.

I was going to get my license renewed this weekend, but since my acupuncture appointment is Saturday, and I want to do some stuff before my picture gets taken for my license, I’m going to do it next weekend.

I am going to dye my hair, because in my last picture my hair looks retarded, so I want to to be all one color in the new one. I am also going to be REALLY pathetic, and get my make-up done at the Clinique counter so I can look super pretty. Oh, and do you think that the DMV will believe me if I say I weight 100 lbs?


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