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Sunday, Bloody Sunday

Now I feel somewhere in the back of my head that “Sunday, Bloody Sunday” has a historical/political meaning, but I have no idea why I think that, and I am to lazy to Google it to find out if it is true.

I get the title from That 70’s Show (season 1, episode 10 – that I was willing to look up – Red’s unbearable mother comes to spend a Sunday with the family. Kitty tries to quit smoking, and Eric has a school paper due. Kelso wants to break up with Jackie, but doesn’t know how to tell her. ).  But this post has nothing to do with That 70’s Show or any other awesome sit-com. 

We went to Sunday School on last Sunday.  We don’t really go to church because our pastor tends to repeat the same Evangelical sermon over and over again.  Which is great if you need to get saved, but for those of us that have already done that, it gets a bit monotonous.  It took us a long time to find a church that I liked (Michael is much more flexible) and we don’t want to find another one at this point, so we just go to Sunday School.

It was a nice lesson, and what stood out most was Psalm 113:9 “He maketh the barren woman to keep house, to be a joyful mother of children.  Praise ye the Lord.”  I, always on the look out for signs that I might have a baby soon thought it must be fate (not really fate, but God telling me something, fate is just more condensed).

Then I got home.  And I had started my period.  At that moment I was REALLY glad I don’t stay for church.  I was about 14 days EARLY and had not been expecting a torrent of blood.  As such I was wearing a white skirt, which would have been incredibly disastrous if I had waited another hour to go to the bathroom.

I am really mad about this, since I had a longer than normal period last cycle (7 days vs. 5 days) it had only been one week since I stopped bleeding.  And now I’m having another long period.  How on earth does that much uterine lining develop in 7 days!?!?!  Plus, why is it that when I DON’T ovulate, I have longer periods and I don’t spot before them.

I told Michael I don’t want to go back to the doctor, and that if I do go back I don’t know if I want to do IUI again, because I don’t want to get pregnant like a turkey (turkeys are to fat to have sex, so they have to be inseminated).  He said we should at least try and get my cycles balanced before we decide what else to do.  From what my doctor said though, Clomid is what they use to do that, and its not been effective for me…


One thought on “Sunday, Bloody Sunday

  1. Rachel,I know how discouraging the sight of blood is when your period starts. I've been thinking about you a lot. I've often wondered if I would ever consider invitro or anything "unnatural" to get pregnant. I can't say for sure, but I'm such a natural person, I think I wouldn't. Who knows though.We haven't even really been to the Doctor for any testing yet (sperm count or to see if I have endometriosis). But we now (as of today) have a doctor. There was a huge mix up before and we thought we had a dr. but apparently they didn't except us. Anyway, hopefully within the next month we'll be able to make an appointment and get some things figured out.Oh, and I do the same thing you did in church with the barren woman passage. I think, oh, maybe God made me see this verse right now, because it's my time.Anyway, hope the rest of your life is going well!Charlene

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