$400 Down The Toilet (TMI as usual)

Kind of literally if you think about it.

I never actually ovulated.  My temperatures never went up.  I knew that I didn’t ovulate, but my husband still wanted me to go in and get the progesterone test done.  He has pretty much no faith in non-medical ways of doing things, which is quite obnoxious, so he figured the temperatures were just wrong.

So Friday July 1st I went into get my test (around $70).  Later that night we went and saw Transformers 3 (which was pretty awesome by the way) and got home late around like 1 or 2 am.  I went to the bathroom and I had started my period.  Less than 24 hours after getting a test done I started bleeding.  I told my husband I had started bleeding and he didn’t seem to care.  The next day I told him it was mean to not care when it all goes so horribly wrong, and he said that he had just thought that maybe it was implantation bleeding.

Of course I knew it wasn’t because I never ovulated, plus unlike my usual spot for 3 days than bleed, I just went right into full period mode.  For like seven days.

So now I have spent way lots of money and got nothing.  Plus my doctor wants to do another ultrasound next month around ovulation, which is like $300 for nothing.  He likes to make appointments for it in advance, but I ovulate at random times and the Clomid has done NOTHING to regulate it.  So last time I was NOT ovulating so the ultrasound showed nothing other than my giant cyst.

I am really sick of this whole thing, and hope that I just randomly get knocked up in the next two months so I can not have to go back to the doctor.  Honestly even though we have barely done anything, I am burnt out.  If it were not for Michael I would not go back for a LONG time and probably start trying to adopt.


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