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Someone that I went to High School with started a Facebook group for “our” graduating class.  Our is in quotes because I didn’t actually graduate, but I went most of the time right up until graduation.  I should have gone back for a “super senior” year, but seeing as how I would much rather not go to school I didn’t.  So far this has had ZERO negative effects on me.

If I had not “dropped out” (again quotes because dropping out doesn’t feel right, I went all 12 years, I just didn’t go enough to graduate for the last 3) I probably would not be married to my wonderful husband, because I wouldn’t have moved to Salem and ever met him.  So YAY for not graduating.  Also I have had quite a few jobs (all entry level to be fair) and I have NEVER been told no for a job based on my lack of diploma.  (Okay I did not get a job once, but it was a baby-sitting job, so I don’t think that counts, as a diploma is completely irrelevant since I have been baby-sitting since I was 12)   I also never got my GED because the local community college has an uncanny ability to give me panic attacks almost every time I go there, plus I am cheap.  Now I want to take the GED test, just to say I did, but after not being in school for 6 year I have a feeling I would fail miserably. 

Anyways, now that I have taken you off on a tangent, I will try and get back to the story.  The person that created this group is planning a pre-reunion party for our class.  This is kind of funny, because although I didn’t have many friends in high school, and very few in my grade, I really want to go.  I was not popular, I would bet half of the people I have been talking to the last few days have no idea who I am.

One thing I was in high school was skinny.  Like people asked me all the time how I got so skinny.  Best of all I still had relatively big boobs (hey wait, why was I not popular?).  Now I have genuinely big boobs, but I’m about 20lbs over my senior year weight.  So this reunion of sorts is at the end of August.  That means that if I want to go (which I do, but I tend to get overwhelmed by social situations and flake at the last minute as I sit crying to my husband that I don’t want to go) I really need to get on the weight loss thing.  But I don’t know if I will get to it or not.  I mean just the idea of giving up my soda, chips, crackers, candy, and frozen desserts makes me sad.

I think my goal is going to be to drink a knock-off SlimFast for breakfast and lunch, snack all day on fruits and veggies, eat a reasonable dinner, then eat dessert if I want to.  Also I think I will TRY (not very hard, because I hate caffeine withdrawal headaches which I get sometimes) to only drink soda on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, because those are the days I want it most.  Instead I will try to drink Crystal Light, which is pretty good, and would probably be awesome if it was carbonated.  On Saturday and Sunday I won’t follow my eating plan either, because my husband will be home and want meals, plus we go to the movies sometimes and I love popcorn.

On the exercise front, I think with the cancellation of Netflix Michael will be willing to walk more with me.  Also maybe I will actually get up with him in the mornings like he wants me to and then take a walk before the kids get dropped off.  And on days I don’t have the 5 year old, and our room mate isn’t home, I will try and get some stretching/aerobics type stuff in.

Here’s hoping!


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