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Sex With a Plastic Tube – Part 1

Tomorrow I go in for my first IUI cycle.

I am pretty annoyed by this actually, because I wanted LAST cycle to be my first, but my body and ovulation tests were NOT cooperating and I ovulated about when I should have been starting my period again, and didn’t find out until my thermal shift, because I had ran out of ovulation tests.

So I am nervous, because I am pretty sure that I am throwing away $295 plus gas money.  But I have already spent $700 or so on this adventure, so it would be stupid to stop now!  

As unpleasant as the female part of this is, I actually feel worse for the male experience.  I mean, I would be mortified and would probably give up on the whole cause of having a baby if I had to go into a room at the doctors office and amuse myself while everyone knew what I was doing.  So I am thankful that my process is much more clinical.

I got the positive test today, and was so surprised to see that smiley face.  After the fiasco that was last months attempt I was really figuring that I would ovulate on one of the days that I can’t go to the doctor due to either Michael or the doctors busy schedule.  

So I am eternally pessimistic and eternally optimistic.  I am positive that this will not work, but then I think, well eventually something has to work.  Maybe last month was canceled because God knew that it wouldn’t work or something right?  (Is it narcissistic to think that God is actually that involved with my journey to conceive?)
Tomorrow I will get my lazy butt on here again and tell about the whole horrible experience.  And let you know if it hurts like mad. 

2 thoughts on “Sex With a Plastic Tube – Part 1

  1. Good luck. I will tell you I remember my first IUI. My DH was in the room and after everyone walked out and left me to lie back for 15 minutes, I asked DH to kiss me. He did and asked why. I said, "Well if we're going to make a baby, I should at least get kissed." Hang in there.

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