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Dressing Like A Girl

A woman shall not wear anything that pertains to a man, nor shall a man put on a woman’s garment, for all who do so are an abomination to the Lord your God.(Deuteronomy 22:5, NKJV throughout)

Do you realize that you can get off an airplane in any country in the world, and if they do not speak English and you do not know their language, you will know which bathroom you were supposed to go to. Go in an airport terminal, go to the bathroom and you will see a picture on the bathroom door. It doesn’t matter if you are in Russia, France, Portugal, the United States or Mexico, there will be a sign on the door it will have a picture on it. It will either have a picture of someone in slacks or someone in a skirt. Now, if you are a lady, which of those two doors will you walk through? And if you are a man, which of those two doors will you walk through? I doubt that even the rankest feminist would walk into the bathroom that would have the picture of a person in pants. Common sense tells us that pants are a man’s apparel. It amazes me that a woman would be appalled of just the thought of a man wearing a dress, but yet, men and women think nothing of a woman wearing pants. There was a fashion designer a few years back who decided he was going to come out with a line of dresses for men. The idea wasn’t very popular, so he gets himself an appearance on the Phil Donahue show. Phil brought all these male models out, wearing the dresses designed just for men, they paraded them around the stage on the show, and all the women thought this was vulgar. And, when Phil went into the audience with a microphone, many of the women made statements that they though it was preposterous that a man would want to wear a dress. “Don’t these men know any better? Don’t they have any self-respect? Don’t they have any concept of manhood, that they would parade around in a dress?” And Phil Donahue said something that showed that he had more spiritual discernment than most Baptists do. He said, “Well, they said the same thing fifty years ago, when women started wearing pants.”  

In First Timothy 2:9, we read that women should adorn themselves in “modest apparel.” In the Greek, the word for modest is the word katastolh (katastole), and it means a long flowing garment. In the Bible days, men wore a short tight skirt and women wore a long and flowing robe. That was a katastole. The Bible in First Timothy 2:9 tells women to adorn themselves in a long flowing garment, not a short, tight garment. That is what modest is, long and flowing. Pants do not flow. I have never yet seen a pair of pants that flow.* Therefore, even if “long,” they do not qualify as a long flowing garment. And since they are not a long flowing garment, they are not a katastole. Katastole is translated modest. Therefore, if a modest garment is a long flowing garment, and pants do not flow, pants are not modest. Source

 I didn’t write the bold part, please see the source for more information.  I feel like I have posted this before, but I looked back and couldn’t find it.  Besides its good to be reminded right?

Anyways, I really want to dress like a girl.  Just like I want to wear make-up and have pretty hair like a girl.  Although the reasoning behind the dressing part is half religious and half wanting to be pretty and girly, and the hair and make-up is just shallow.

Even though I know it is right, and I don’t think I would regret it, I can’t bring myself to give away my pants (I never throw anything away).  Its because I am not lady-like.  Right now I am sitting with my legs up on the chair, one folded under me, and the other one with the knee towards the ceiling.  If I were not wearing sweatpant shorts under my skirt, it would be a bit inappropriate (well I am the only one home and awake right now, so no one would know, but you get the point).  I also sit Indian style on the floor alot.  These are not okay to do in skirts or dresses unless they are floor length.

I also want to get a bike.  I think that everyone will see my underpants on a bike if I wear a skirt.  And I take the kids to the park.  You can’t climb on the play structure in a skirt, because everyone can see up it.  I am pretty sure that bloomers are the answer to my problems, or the modern day equivalent of bicycle shorts.

I think that once I have a few more dresses and skirts to wear I will be more inclined to wear them all the time, and maybe then I can get rid of my jeans.  Or better yet, transform them into skirts!

*Gauchos and culottes are probably an exception to this, and might also help me solve my pants needing crisis.


4 thoughts on “Dressing Like A Girl

  1. I was just thinking the other day how unflattering most women's jeans are… and how wonderful it would be if women all went back to wearing long flowing dresses again. Then women could be dressed like women, shaped like women, comfy and modest (even if they're bending over to pick up toys)

  2. Kilts are cool on guys! But other than that, it is something else to see a man in a skirt/dress. I was all about skirts/dresses while growing up. The first time I wore pants shocked a lot of people. Now, I can't stop wearing pants.I would like to wear more skirts, especially with summer on the way. I don't have many tops that match skirts tho. And also, it's a pain to have to shave my legs more than once a week. :p

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