Anniversary Giveaway!

Well I just realized that Mother’s Day was my 1st Blogiversary. 

I realized that after I noticed that I had not posted about the unfairness that is Mother’s Day.  I can’t believe I actually have been blogging for a year.  I mean I am not the most consistent, but I could be much worse, I mean 76 posts in one year equals out to about one post every 4-5 days.  Of course that isn’t how I post, but still.

To celebrate I am going to have a giveaway! 

That is right, I am going to give something away to someone that reads my blog.  Since most of them are local I probably won’t have to pay shipping even.  I am cheap, and poor, so it will be a book that I giveaway, and I will let the winner (whom will be picked by using a random number generator) pick from a list that is mostly chick lit and maybe a baby book or two.  Or if you like baby clothes, I can probably make a baby item for you (especially if you like girl baby clothes, boy clothes are much harder to make).  Whatever you want.

Anyways, two ways to get your name in the “drawing”:

1.  Start following my blog.  Then tell me you started following it.  If you are already one of my loyal readers, you can just tell me that you follow it. 

2.  Post a link to my blog on your facebook page and tell me in the comments section that you posted it. 

On Friday I will post the winner on my blog! 


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