Why I Should Have Been Born Like 60 Years Before I Was.

I was born in the wrong era.  For one thing, I would LOVE to wear the pretty dresses they used to wear.  Today’s styles are fairly awful.  We were driving down the road last Saturday and my husband asked me if two people walking were girls.  There were dressed in normal jeans and tank tops and didn’t look dyke-y or anything.  If girls wore skirts and dresses, you could easily tell if someone is male or female, and as androgyny REALLY bothers me, I would appreciate that.  Another shallow fashion related reason is the hair.  While it wasn’t necessarily nicer looking, it was much more put together than today’s bed head or flat ironed styles.

I also wish we were still proper.  I would love it if we still wore hats and gloves out of the house.  Wouldn’t the atmosphere at Wal-Mart and WinCo be nicer if most of the customers were wearing dresses, hats and gloves?  Personally I can’t even manage to be embarrassed to leave the house in my pajamas (Have I ever mentioned I am a bit of a hypocrite?).  And gentlemen!  Oh, if men opened doors and pulled out chairs.  If they rose when a woman entered the room or stood up.  It would be so awesome!  And best of all they treated ladies like ladies and refrained from passing gas in front of them!  But perhaps when females decided to invade the male dominated areas we lost the respect we used to get for being feminine.

Everything being closed on Sundays so everyone could go to church would be quite inconvenient, but quite wonderful at the same time.  Its kind of like the internet, cell phones and cable TV.  I would be annoyed by the change at first, but the world would be better off after we adjusted.

Also, I want women to go back home.  I LOVE my job and and VERY happy with it.  I would be SUPER sad if women all went home because they would take the babies with them, but who better to raise the babies then the mommies who love them?  I mean I am a close second, but I can’t be selfish!  I would probably get pretty bored if the babies, TV and internet were all gone, and I might actually have to cook and clean…  But I STRONGLY feel that I would have my own babies if I were born in a time when there was less chemical build-up and processed food.  I’d still do my housewife duties though.  (Honestly I clean pretty much everyday and I cook sometimes.  I should cook more but Michael and I have some pretty conflicting ideas of what good food is.)

I have thought of a downside to my cultural revolution/mass time travel plan:  I would have to have my husband’s last name and forever be getting phone calls and junk mail in Spanish (did they do phone calls and junk mail in Spanish 50 years ago?  Cause if they didn’t I wouldn’t really care about the name thing.), which I would hate.  However that is a price I would be willing to pay for a proper life with traditional gender roles and a revived economy.


2 thoughts on “Why I Should Have Been Born Like 60 Years Before I Was.

  1. Ironically I actually like the clothing for the "hair example". I think it's supposed to be jammies, but it's gorgeous. I do agree with you though. I miss… you know… VALUES!!!

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