crazy, scary


That was me crying. 

A few days ago I found a gray hair.  Yes, I am getting old.  Early too I suppose.  The average female doesn’t start getting gray hairs until she is around 35.  I am only 24. 

Usually I tell Michael when terrible things happen to me.  For some reason I couldn’t bring myself to this time. 

I looked in the mirror and saw a weird light colored hair.  I figured I was just crazy and ignored it until the next time I noticed it.  Then I pulled it out and sure enough there was like an inch of grayish hair above the dark brown hair.  It was right at the front of my hair so I could see it really easy.  Now I am wondering how many others I have that I can’t see. 

This is how I will look old.  And wearing make-up.  And with bangs just for the heck of it.

Well now I guess dying my hair isn’t just a fun thing to do, its a necessity.  Now I just have to figure out how to convince Michael of that without telling him I am going to look like an elderly person if I don’t…


2 thoughts on “*SOB*

  1. I think one of my other friends found a gray hair in his beard or something a year or so back. I haven't heard of any others since and his hair is still brown. I'm sure you'll be fine. Probably just one of those freak moments where a hair was like, "I'm tired. I'm gonna be gray for a bit."…I don't really know what I'm talking about, I'm just trying to make you feel better about your hair. lol If you're lucky enough to have that awesome white hair though, I'll be jealous because I don't think that's how my hair will be. I'll probably keep dying it though. :p

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