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Lent and Such

So its been awhile since I posted.  Part of that is because I made up my own version of Lent.  Part of it is because I am kind of obsessed with my new “mini job”.

For Lent, instead of giving up one thing for the whole time, I am doing one week of a number of things.  First it was soda, then the internet (hence my lack of posting), right now I am getting up early to read the Bible, next week no sweets, the next week no salty snacks, and then the week before Easter its all of the above.

Unfortunately I am not good at Lent.  By this I mean that other than the Bible reading, depriving myself of things doesn’t help me to dwell more on God and Jesus.  I know that is what it is supposed to be doing, but mostly I just whine because I am a selfish brat.  But if its the thought that counts, I’m good.  I want to be a better Christian, but I am really lousy at it.  I think I am going to keep getting up early to read the Bible, I mean what is an extra ten minutes of sleep anyways?  Plus the last Sunday, the day before my Bible reading re-began, our Sunday School class was basically all about reading and memorizing the Bible.  It made it feel like maybe God was pointing something out to me.

Although most people wouldn’t see it as being part of being a good Christian, I am also working on wearing skirts and dresses more.  I should probably buy another pair of tights.  I know most people don’t think it matters how you dress (well unless you look like a hooker), but the Bible does state that people should wear clothes intended for their gender and pants are fairly masculine.  Deuteronomy 22:5 says “The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman’s garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the LORD thy God.”  (For a super awesome in depth look at Biblical modesty, check out Bible Dress Code of Modesty).

I also want to buy some things to cover my head, at least when I go out, because I WANT to look different.  I think it would be awesome for people I walk by to assume (correctly) that I have a relationship with the Lord.  Most people do not want to be different, but I want people to know that I AM different.  


2 thoughts on “Lent and Such

  1. I feel like on some deep level, I knew about the whole garment thing and guys shouldn't wear women's clothing and vice versa but it still kinda surprised me! Makes me feel a little guilty about wearing pants but at the same times, makes me feel less guilty about instantly taking off my pants when I get home. lol

  2. Yeah I always change out of my jeans when I am at home. Michael laughs at me for changing clothes like 6 times on the weekends, but its his fault cause he won't be seen with me in jammies.

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