Animals are NOT People!

This post is not intended to offend anyone, if it does I am sorry, but this is my blog and I can post what I want.  Well unless its illegal, but I don’t really do anything illegal so I am not to worried.

First of all, this post is not stemming from anyone I know, although I do know people who also make me think of this.  This is all brought on by a book I read.

In the book, the main character is one of those people that chooses to remain childless.  At first I thought this was a stupid thing to do.  Then I saw how she treated her animals and decided that since this was a true story, the world was DEFINITELY better off without her children in it.  More on that in a second.

Okay, so this lady referred to her animals as her children.  Repeatedly.  Why, oh why do people do this?  Animals are animals, people are people.  Hopefully most people are aware of this, or else eating meat could become a dangerous thing.

As someone who appears unable to have children, I can see why people might refer to their pets as their children.  But its weird.  I mean sure, in 20 years when I have no kids, and no hope of ever having kids, I might snap.  But see I won’t actually think of my pets as my children until I have actually became a crazy person.  Sometimes I have referred to my dog as my baby, or told her to “go see daddy” but this is all to annoy my husband who DOES NOT think pets are people.  I will admit that I would gladly dress my 40lb dog in all sorts of frou-frou outfits if my husband would not kill me for it.  Well, and if she lived here, not hundreds of miles away.

To be fair, I am not really an animal person.  I don’t much like cats.  Michael keeps trying to get me to get a cat, but I told him that we can only have a cat if its trained to go potty outside like a dog.  I really don’t want a cat.  I do not want car hair all over, I don’t want to try and keep kids and kitty away from each other.  Urgh.  I don’t want rodents, reptiles, or fish.  I really only like dogs.  And otters, otters are super cute.  Well I like most non-repulsive things at the zoo, but not as pets.  So I am probably not someone that is inclined to think of a pet as a family member.  Sure I cry when they die (if they were around for years), I’m not completely heartless, but I would not spend thousands of dollars saving one.

Now back to the lady in my book.  She would be the worst mother ever.  She let her dogs and cats act like spoiled brats.  Her cats would not eat dry food.  Well guess what?  My cats would starve until they ate it.  And if they were stupid enough to not eat it, and starve to death they would deserve it for being idiots.  I am a super picky eater, but if I had not eaten in a week, even I would pick up the green beans and chow down on them.  Her dog refused to sleep anywhere but her bed.  My dog would be locked out if they refused to stay off my bed.  This same dog also refused to poop outside.  Yes, you read that right.  The dog would not POOP outside.  My dog would either become an outside dog, live somewhere else, or get shot by Michael (depending on who got fed up first).  Same dog again: Would not eat plain dry dog food.  So she bought wet food.  The fact that she didn’t stand up to her dogs when they were being stubborn made me really glad she had chosen not to procreate.

I am really bad at ending these posts.  I don’t ever have a closing paragraph that makes any sense.  I should work on that.  But I probably won’t.


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