Baby Fever

Usually baby fever refers to wanting a baby. I have had baby fever for like 6 years now. However Michael and I seem to be suffering from various versions of baby fever this month.

Heat is not good for sperm. So of course my husband decided now was a good time to get the flu or something that gave him a fever. It only lasted for a few hours and it wasn’t super high but in my mind his spermies are all dead now. On Tuesday I go in for my second appointment, including a post-coital test. I told them he had had a fever, and they said it wouldn’t matter but I read online it can take up to three months for them to recover in a reproductive sense. Whatever I guess.  I am just worried that with our already abysmal fertility a fever will make my test results even worse.

As for me, my morning temperatures have been quite high. Actually my temperature was 99.5 last night according to my friends nifty new temporal thermometer we were playing with. I am pretty sure I have not ovulated. After some reading online I have figured out that it (as I suspected) it is probably from the Clomid and should go down in time for me to be able to tell when I ovulate. It makes sense that it could raise your body temperature since it can cause hot flashes right?

Clomid has been pretty symptom free for me so far. Other than the abnormally high temperatures the only thing I noticed is my eyes feel weird like I am tired and have been crying a lot, even though I haven’t. But I’m not getting to excited, because I guess the worst symptoms occur around ovulation.

Sorry this entry is so lame, I did it on my phone and its harder to want to erase what I have written when it takes so much longer to re-type then on the computer.


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