The Doctor Visit

Last Monday I went to a very expensive appointment.  I;m oretty sure we spent more time in the car on our way to the office then we did AT the office.  First we waited.  Then we waited a little more.  This was our fault, because we were late.  Being late was NOT our faylt, it was major metropolitan traffic’s fault.

When we finally got called back, it was question time.  The doctor asked me about six million questions.  He asked Michael about four.  Now I am going to be honest here.  This man is not my favorite person (the doctor, Michael is in the top 3 at least LOL).  While he isn’t unpleasant by any means, he does seem to be pretty full of himself.  For instance, last year when I went to an open house and told him I had seen a midwife about the fertility stuff, he told me that if I wanted to waste my time that was my choice.  That wasn’t verbatim, but you get the idea.  My husbands co-worker went to him to I guess, and he refused to acknowledge that it wasn’t her fault she wasn’t getting pregnant, because she is overweight.  The fact that her husband had a low sperm count is a non-issue I guess.  However, he did accomplish a pregnancy for them in the first or second cycle, when they had been trying for 9 years.  I have heard really good things about his results, and he is a perfectly pleasant person, I just prefer more humble type people.  Also I had to point out the massive amount of spotting I have, even though I had written it down on the paper that was right in front of him.  Michael liked him because he didn’t seem to care about his previous bad sperm analysis, only about my wacky periods.  All in all I was happy with this part of the visit, just a little put off by his attitude I guess. 

Then came the unpleasant part: The Examination.  I have been to the “girl doctor” quite a few times and am fairly familiar with the procedure.  ALways before its actually been done by a midwife or nurse practitioner.  You know, girls.  For some reason a guy doctor just makes me uncomfortable, but I was a trooper and survived. 

Then came the more unpleasant part: The Ultrasound.  Now when you are pregnant, they do them externally.  When you are not pregnant, your reproductive organs are behind your pelvic bone.  So they have to do it internally.  Which involves shoving a wand up your hoo-hoo.  Then jamminbg it into your ovaries and uterus.  Apparently my uterus looks normal, no fibroids or polyps.  My ovaries are a bit sadder story.  One of them has a cyst and the other one I have no idea because he couldn’t find it on the ultrasound.  Its not missing or anything, he could feel it in the exam.  It was just hiding.  Probably on purpose to avoid being jabbed by the wand.
My period was very late at that point (its started now YAY!) but because of the cyst he didn’t want to give me anything to start it, but thats okay because it started less than two weeks later. 
He gave me a Clomid prescription, which I start on Sunday (or Saturday night, still waiting to hear back from the office) and take until Thursday.  Its supposed to make me ovulate on time and not spot so much.  More on Clomid later.  Probably later today because I am kind of a binge blogger 🙂
Once I get a positive ovulation test (or around when I should ovulate) I got in for another ultrasound and a post-coital test.  OH JOY!

He also wants to test me for endometriosis, but that involves surgery so until my dad’s health insurance for me kicks in, we are puttin gthat off.  Hopefully the Clomid works and I can be done with all of this before it hardly starts.  I’m not counting on it, but it would be nice!


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