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My Husband Is Mean

So I don’t really hang out with anyone.  Or rather not with a variety of people.  But I try and branch out every once in a while. 

About a week ago Michael and I had people over.  By people I mean not one of the two couples that we have over on a regular basis. 

I thought we had a good time.  They ate the food I cooked, said it was good, we had an abundance of dessert because they brought cookies and I made brownies.  Then we played games (board and video).

They went home.  Then Michael decided it was time to make me sad.  He asked how I thought it went, and I said I thought it was fun, and everyone had a good time.  He looked at me and was like oh, I don’t think they had fun.  He wasn’t really trying to make me sad, he just chose a bad time to do that honesty thing. 

I told him that if they didn’t have fun it was his fault for making us play Parcheesi instead of Apples to Apples.  Next time we have people over, he should keep his mouth shut afterwards.

*If the person who came over is reading this, you don’t have to say you had a good time.  I considered not writing this to avoid making you uncomfortable, but figured you are a good sport, so it probably wouldn’t make you uncomfortable.  Its just to point out that sometimes husbands should lie LOL  🙂


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