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The Best Android Apps

I have a smartphone.  I am to poor to have service on it, but it was free and I am home all the time so I use it on my wi-fi.  It is SUPER!  Everything works except the phone part (but you can download nettalk and then you can call people, but they can’t call you and it sounds like crap) and Skype.  I don’t use Skype, so I don’t really care.
I have WAY to many apps.  But some of them are awesome.  Here they are in Alphabetical order.
  • Alchemy – a weird game, but its really fun.  Well until you get stuck and give up temporarily like a have for the moment.
  • Angry Birds – you throw birds at pigs and try and smush them.  Its way cooler then it sounds.  Also try Angry Birds Seasons for some themed fun.
  • Bible by YouVersion –  best Bible app I have found.  Has interactive reading plans, works on the phone and the computer. 
  • Bubble Blast – you pop bubbles.  Four versions: original, 2, holiday, and Valentine’s
  • CardioTrainer – tracks your calories burnt and how far you walked, I use this one almost everyday!
  • Diet & Food Tracker by Sparkpeople – track your calories in and out on your phone.  Links to online account
  • Dolphin Browser HD – when you download a free add-on you can visit the full version sites, not just the crappy mobile ones.  Sadly companies pay alot of extra money for mobile sites, but I hate them.  I don’t know the add-on name because my husband downloaded it for me.
  • FML – its kind of a guilty pleasure, but there are some crazy stories and its a fun time-waster.
  • GeoQpons – save money at stores, use coupons without a printer!  I have saved 33% of a book at Borders and 10% off my entire purchase at Joann’s using this app.
  • GetGlue – a time waster where you rate movies, TV shows, books, etc.  See what your friends are doing.
  • Movies by Flixster – find movie times and reviews.
  • OB Wheel – keep track of everyone’s due dates.  Not applicable for everyone, but if you have lots of pregnant friends its pretty fun! 
  • Pink Pad – free and paid versions.  I only have the free version, but its pretty cool.  Doesn’t show you a BBT chart until you upgrade, but it has the best widget, as well a community message board that is pretty active.  This is one I am considering paying for because it would be nice to take the charts with me on my phone to the fertility doctor.
  • TV.com – watch TV on your phone.  Limited selection, but some good stuff.
  • Where’s My Droid – text a message saying “where’s my droid” to your number from another phone.  Even if your phone is on silent or vibrate it will start going off at full volume. 
  • Wikidroid – sure you could just use Wikipedia on the internet, but this is faster and streamlined.

All of these apps are free, and except for Where’s My Droid and TV.com I use them on a regular basis.


One thought on “The Best Android Apps

  1. I tried downloading Angry Birds Seasons last weekend right before Valentine's but it wouldn't work for some reason. It took me to Facebook and made me log in and never loaded. I just got mad and stopped trying. Now after the fact, I've heard of it twice (here and on Glee). I should try it again.I used to use MyCoupons a few months back and then the app changed and it started sucking. I'm glad to see another coupon app that looks reliable and has some good deals!Thanks for sharing the app reviews! I'm looking some of them up right now. 🙂

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