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Soda & Macaroni

Originally this post was going to be titled “I ❤ Netflix”.  Now its not.  I think after you read this you will see why.  Now Netflix will get another post, because this one didn’t get to the point.

I am pretty cheap.  This post is all about my two favorite guilty pleasures 🙂

Sure I have my little indulgences, but in general I don’t spend more than $5 at a time.  Usually closer to $1.  Honestly, I just love soda and tend to buy one pretty much everyday.  It is disgusting, and adds unthinkable amounts of calories to my diet, but no matter how often I say I am quitting, temptation gets the better of me.  I think I am going to temporarily “go Catholic” and give it up for Lent.  That way I will actually stick to it.

The worst part about my soda habit is the fact that I refuse to drink it out of anything but a Styrofoam cup.  The environmental impact is probably unbelievable.  But if you start on Styrofoam cups, you can never go back.  They keep it cold all day, and the beverage doesn’t absorb the nasty cardboard flavour.  This kind of thinking does have its benefits as well.  See most places don’t have Styrofoam cups, so I usually only get it if I am at home, which saves me tons of money at restaurants where they over-price the drinks like CRAZY.

Some things are more important to me than price.  Take macaroni and cheese.  Now I am not a complete brandwhore about the cheesy goodness.  In fact I used to prefer the off brand kind.  Then came HyTop (I pretty much only shop at WinCo), taking over the previous store brand (does anyone remember what it was?).  The first time I made it, I accidentally dropped a piece of the cardboard in with the pasta.  So when it literally tasted like cardboard (or at least it tasted how cardboard smells.  I don’t really eat cardboard) I blamed it on my stupidity.  Then I made another box of it.  Still tasted like cardboard.  So now I shell out the extra money for Kraft (by the way I LOVE the new Mac and Cheese box).  Well if I am going to eat it I do.  If its just for the kids I baby-sit I get the cheap kind since they don’t seem to notice.  Or I go all out and drive myself all they way to Albertson’s just to get overprice Kraft Deluxe Sharp Cheddar Macaroni & Cheese.  Its like a Styrofoam cup, once you have experienced it, nothing else will do.  Except maybe Thick & Creamy Macaroni and Cheese.

This is the worst flowing thing that was ever written.  I actually had to change the title AND introductory paragraph because it didn’t flow AT ALL.  Wow Rachel, wow.


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