A Visual Representation of My Last 47 Cycles

So I have known for a while that I am broken, but in preparation for my fertility visit I decided to play with Excel during naptime and make some lovely charts.  Even if you didn’t know what you were looking for you would know this isn’t right I think.  Please keep in mind I learned how to do these like ten years ago and have not had a reason to use them since, so they kind of suck, but they are quite colorful!
The first one is just my cycle lengths, which is obviously not very regular.  Especially since I am on cycle day 51 with no period in sight right now.
This next one is my luteal phase.  I don’t keep track of this every cycle, but just so you know, in normal fully functioning girls it is the same every month, ideally around 14 days.
This is the day on which I ovulate, or the length of my follicular phase, which isn’t always the same, like the luteal phase, but this is fairly ridiculous.
This next one isn’t very interesting, its just how long my period lasts.  I have no idea why this part matters, but on the information I should know for talking to the fertility doctor they said I should know this.

This next one is REALLY special and really shows you just how broken I am.  This is the number of days I spent spotting in my cycle.  This is not my period, and if I spotted directly after my period I didn’t count that.


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