45 Days.

Tomorrow will be cycle day 45.  Which means that it will be as long or LONGER than my last cycle, which was my record breaker.  I do NOT want super long cycles.  I do NOT want to wonder if I am pregnant for 2 weeks LONGER then usual.  I do NOT want to have half as many chances every year to try to get pregnant.  I DO NOT WANT TO SPEND A FORTUNE ON OVULATION PREDICTION KITS.  Once I start my IUI stuff I have to test for ovulating.  Usually I don’t bother, I just take my temps to know when I ovulated (which I -unfortunately- have not been doing lately or I would know when my seemingly unending cycle was going to be over).  I cover my baby-making bases just in case, so knowing when I ovulate isn’t really important.  When a syringe is going to impregnate me I can’t just have the procedure done every so often to make sure I don’t miss it. 

OPKs are a pain in the butt to read, so I planned on getting the sweet digital ones, because they give you a smiley face when they are positive instead of trying to see which line is darker.  But at $20 or more for 7 of them, and a 45 day cycle that is way to much money on top of the $300+ for the IUI.  And I have to repeat it until I get pregnant or until I have tried six cycles, at which point I will give up because it rarely works after that.

I thought I had started my period back on cycle day 33.  In fact I spotted for six days.  Then nothing.  My body hates me.  You would think if I had to go forever between periods I could at least go forever without needing feminine hygiene products.

I have been good and not tested at ALL yet.  Friday is payday, and I told Michael that he needs to buy me a pregnancy test on Friday or Saturday if I have not started yet.  Today he told me he hopes I am pregnant, then we can save a bunch of money.  He thinks he is getting a TV with the extra money, I think I am paying a midwife.  He will probably win, but in return I will win because I will compromise with him that I get to give birth at home if he gets to have a new TV.  We can afford the midwife with my money, since he pays all the bills.


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