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Uping the Effort

On February 28th I have an appointment with a fertility doctor.  I think you are supposed to refer to them as REs (reproductive endocrinologists) but I tend to use non-technical terms. 

gynecologists – “girl doctors”
obstetricians – “baby doctors” (sometimes I also refer to them as overeager surgeons who love to make birth as scary and traumatic as possible, but that is a bit long for everyday use)

podiatrists – “foot doctors”
proctologists – “butt doctors”
You get the point.  Interestingly enough pediatricians I allow to use their technical term.  For some reason “child doctor” just doesn’t sound right. 

Anyways, on the 28th I will pay a man $295 to talk to me.  Now I don’t mind paying it, but I really feel that almost $300 an hour is a bit extreme.  It is cheaper than what other places charge though.

I already know what I want done, based mainly on financial reasons as this is all coming out of my pocket (or rather Michael’s pocket). 
IUI (inter-uterine insemination) is $295 a cycle, without medications.  It goes up from there, depending on the meds you need.  Plus with drugs you have to have more ultrasounds, to make sure you don’t have like 97 eggs ready to meet the nice clean spermies (IUI involves sperm washing, where they take out the dead ones, and the semen).  I mean eventually I would like lots of kids, but I would prefer them one or two at a time.

IUI is about 20% effective (this number varies depending on where you get your info, but I like 20% WAY better than 5% like some sites say) each cycle.  This sounds the same as “the old fashioned way” but its really alot better because it is 20% effective on INFERTILE couples.  Fertile people don’t get treatments like that.
IVF is about 50% effective for girls my age, but it costs around $12,000.  I also don’t know how comfortable I am with my baby being conceived outside of my body.  I’m not judging, I don’t think its wrong, and I am not ruling it out for the future, I’m just kind of hesitant to do it.  Plus I don’t have that kind of money sitting around.
I am pretty excited that after almost 4 years of trying on our own we are bringing in a professional.  I don’t have high hopes for it, and I am disappointed that I have to do it at all, but I am still excited.  Of course I am just starting a new cycle, so maybe I will end up pregnant before I go in and not have to worry about it at all.

Yeah, I’m a bit delusional.


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